The Matthew Project Meets Manhattan

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More than fifty readers of The Urantia Book gathered in Midtown Manhattan on Sunday, July 27, 2003 to socialize, share stories, and learn more about the Matthew Project, an endeavor initiated by devoted readers dedicated to developing financial resources to support the long-term success of Urantia Foundation’s mission.

Urantia Foundation President Richard Keeler “warmed up” the crowd with one-liners, and Executive Director Tonia Baney rallied the guests with an impassioned appeal for aid. Carolyn Kendall inspired everyone with her unique and far-reaching perspective on the history, current state, and destiny of the fifth epochal revelation. A panel session followed allowing for valuable interaction. Trustees Richard Keeler, Georges Michelson- Dupont, and Seppo Kanerva, former Trustee Neal Waldrop, Associate Trustee Carolyn Kendall, and Urantia Foundation staff members Tonia Baney, Jay Peregrine, and Victor García Bory addressed areas within their individual expertise. Afterwards many of the attendees had dinner together at a familystyle Greek restaurant a few blocks away.

In the next twelve months, supporters of the Matthew Project want to hold similar gatherings in areas where there is interest in learning more about Urantia Foundation’s current and long-term goals. Supporters of this project are inspired by the Apostle Matthew, who was “supremely devoted to the task of seeing that the messengers of the coming kingdom were adequately financed.” (1560:2) If you are interested in having a Matthew Project event in your area, please contact Jay Peregrine at Urantia Foundation headquarters.

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