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By Dorothy Elder

UBIS - An Educational Outreach

The work of the UBIS is on-going and growing. The requests to enroll grow each semester, and there is a great need for more teachers. There is no greater time than now to participate in and help promote the spreading of a spiritual renaissance on our world. The UBIS is an educational outreach service provided on the Urantia Foundation website, and we wel come all who wish to join in this service. The dual purpose of the UBIS is to provide a me dium through which each person may increase his own personal experience with the teachings of The Urantia Book, and at the same time serve as an effective tool for the training of future teach ers. For additional information about the UBIS, you may read about it on the Foundation's website or contact [email protected]

The Winter Semester 2003

Forty-five students participated in the three courses presented for the January/March 2003 Semester. Readers from around the world-Spain, Canada, Great Britain, Iran, Bolivia, Mexico, and the USA - studied and fellowshiped together. For many of the stu dents, new or long-time readers, this was their first contact with other Urantia Book readers, and it was an enriching and joyous experience to greet and welcome them to the readership. The ability to come together in a study atmosphere of a world community via the internet adds a true sense of Brotherhood to the course experience. In addition to the English courses, one French course is in progress, while the two Spanish courses were completed in December.

Spring Semester 2003-TeacherTraining

The UBIS set aside the April/June semester as a time for training new Teacher/Facilitators. Readers who desired to serve as Teacher/ Facilitators, and who had first participated fully and experienced two UBIS courses as students, participated in the four week training session.

The teaching staff of the UBIS assisted inthe course which began in May. In addition, the UBIS has developed a "Teacher's Handbook", which is also available to the new teachers in electronic form. The VBIS considers the training of teachers a high priority, and it has used the methods of teacher-training from The Urantia Book as its guide:

All the way in to Paradise the ascending pilgrims pursue their studies in the practical schools ofapplied knowledge - actual training in really doing the things they are being taught. The universe educational system sponsored lnJ the Melchizedeks is practical, progressive, meaningful, and experiential." (p.394:5 emphasis mine)

Information regarding the courses for the September Semester is available on the Urantia Foundation website. Registration for the September Semester begins Tuesday, September 2, 2003. Courses begin on September 22.

A few comments from the students:

"I believe this is a very important avenue to continue to pursue in bringing together readers and new readers of The Urantia Book. I know this in my heart."

"I have passed on this mode [the UBIS] of connecting and learning to many people in hopes that they will find the same satisfaction and enrichment I have."

"I feel that my faith has increased where it has been in a dormant stage for years. My understanding of the Thought Adjuster, personality, and faith has grown due to the teacher and his classroom."

"I do so pray with a whole heart that this educational opportunity continues. It must."

"The Urantia Foundation is doing invaluable work with The Urantia Book Internet School."

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