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Long-time financial supporter and friend of Urantia Foundation, Rosendo De Aguilera, was a great lover of books. During his lifetime he assembled a large collection of scholarly journals, periodicals, and books on a wide variety of subjects. Rosendo made a gift to Urantia Foundation of over 20,000 works from this collection. The vast array of material included works on religion, theology, history, science, mysticism, metaphysics, anthropology, astronomy, astrology, evolution, archaeology, ancient Egyptian and Hebraic literature, comparative religion, philosophy, ontology, ancient American Indian history and religion, cosmology, and many other subjects.

Earlier this year, Rosendo's wife, Maria, made a donation to the Foundation to create a fund for the future establishment of the "Rosendo y Maria de Aguilera Urantia Foundation Library." It was their vision to create a reference library for inaividuals interested in researching the many subject areas encompassed by the Urantia Papers. Anyone interested in contributing toward this research library may contact Jay Peregrine or Tonia Baney. This project could perform a valuable service to truth seekers in many fields of inquiry.

We are confident that Maria's generous act represents the beginning of a visionary effort that will bring to life the dream of two devoted souls. Their names and life work symbolize all of our aspirations and efforts to expand comprehension and understanding of religion, cosmology, and philosophy, and to encourage the realization and appreciation of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man. Thank you, Maria and Rosendo, for the many years of devoted service and support.

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