Matthew Project Meeting in New York City - July 2003

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Excerpts of an Email from Polly Friedman (an independent voice representing no organization)

On Sunday, July 27, I had the privilege of attending a Matthew Project meeting held in New York City with sponsors of that Committee, three of the Urantia Foundation Trustees, Tonia Baney, Executive Director, and readers from the East Coast.

Carolyn Kendall read a paper on the history of the Urantia movement. Her father was a member of the Forum. She joined as a young woman, worked as Dr. Sadler's secretary for two years, and married Tom Kendall who later became a Foundation Trustee.

She emphasized that the cost of the book printing from the beginning was subsidized by members of the Forum and a fund established for the ongoing printing of the Papers.

After this history there followed a panel discussion with questions and answers.

Later in a panel discussion, Richard Keeler mentioned that the printing and distribution has always cost more than the income from sales, and that every book ever printed has been subsidized by someone.

The cost of legal fees has been kept separate and has been paid for privately by a few who care deeply about the protection of the text of The Urantia Book.

It was also brought out that with the lifting of the copyright and freedom to publish, there is competition in price, especially if the book is sold at low cost by other publishers, which makes the need for donated funds even greater.

There are volunteers working at the 533 office, and more are always needed. The jobs couldn't get done without this help.

The international offices are staffed 100% by volunteer help according to Seppo.

Jay mentioned that if the 20,000 people on the Foundation mailing list all gave $110 a year, it would cover all the costs of the Foundation budget.

In reality there continues to be the need for some large contributions and individuals who are willing to commit to this special service that guarantees the continuous dissemination of the official, original version of The Urantia Book!

It was a well-organized, informative, not-toolong meeting with a very positive feel of warmth and congeniality.

After personal exchanges with Seppo, Georges, Richard, and Tonia I feel more positive about the future, for I picked up on the unity of spirit and purpose.

As the leaders are open to criticism, they get a lot of it. The nature of some of the attacks is not pretty.

They have a most difficult task and need support. Sincerity, honesty and unselfish motivation were most evident, and I especially noted lots of humility and dedication.

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