Transforming Disappointment To Triumph

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In our efforts to become a worldwide organization, we at Urantia Foundation are learning many valuable lessons. The challenging goal of this small, charitable foundation to increasingly become international in distribution and printing is not proceeding without some disappointments. But "obstacles only challenge the exertions of the undaunted kingdom builder." (1740:8)

We have long been challenged by the high prices charged for El libro de Urantia by bookstores in Latin America. Import duties and high shipping costs have added considerably to the ultimate price charged to consumers. These import costs are typically more than the cost of producing the book.

Urantia Foundation has continually sought ways to make the book more affordable to the public. In recent years we have reached favorable agreements with some of the largest distributors in Latin America. Under these agreements, Urantia Foundation heavily discounts the book and ships in large quantities in order to make the book more broadly available in bookstores at lower prices than when we depended solely upon smaller distributors and direct sales to bookstores.

We recently took another step to reduce the price of El libro de Urantia in Latin America by contracting with one of the most respected companies in South America to print El libro de Urantia. Our goal was to further reduce the price of the book by eliminating import duties within Latin America and significantly reducing shipping costs.

Our first experience with the new printer, however, was somewhat disappointing. Although they still contained the complete text of El libro de Urantia, many failed to meet Urantia Foundation's quality standards for sale in the book industry due to uneven page margins.

We are inspired by the teachings of The Urantia Book, and we are attempting to become "experienced in the skillful wresting of victory from the very jaws of defeat [and] . . . learning how to transform the difficulties of time into the triumphs of eternity." (1405:4) We ask your help to transform a disappointment into an opportunity for spreading the teachings of The Urantia Book throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

We were able to negotiate a favorable resolution of the quality issues with the printer and now have a large quantity of El libro de Urantia available for distribution as gift books. In an area of the world where so many people are struggling to meet basic needs, and where there is also such a strong interest in El libro de Urantia and so many devoted readers who can make use of these low-cost books, we cannot help but consider this a blessing to have these books available for distribution.

Many willing workers are in place to make optimum use of these surplus books, but unfortunately they do not have financial resources to devote to this project. We are, therefore, seeking financial contributions from those who are able to support this work.

Just $12.00 per book-$120 per case of ten-will cover the costs to send these books to readers and study groups in Latin America. We invite individuals, Urantia Associations, Fellowship Societies, and study groups to fund this program as co-sponsors with Urantia Foundation. A small contribution can go a long way toward making El libro de Urantia widely available in many troubled areas at a time of economic hardship for so many. Your gift can transform this challenge into an opportunity.

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