Urantia Foundation's Response to Anonymous Letter

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November 9, 2002

For over fifty years Urantia Foundation has persevered in spreading The Urantia Book teachings throughout the world through our comprehensive translation and distribution activity. We have supported a growing group of devoted readers in the organization of a fraternal service group, which supports us in our goals, and which is worldwide in its scope. In short, we have faithfully expanded the work started by our early leaders, and for which Urantia Foundation was created.

Recently a number of readers have received anonymous letters, which are full of harsh criticisms of the Foundation Trustees and some staff. Although the writers purport to support Urantia Foundation, the letters are replete with distortions. Contrary to some of the accusations, the Trustees have not violated the Trust, nor have they profited due to their position as Trustees. We are all human beings, not one of us is perfect, but in spite of our imperfections, we at Urantia Foundation have been consistent in our purpose and efficient in our results.

Urantia Foundation finds itself falsely accused by an anonymous group of individuals who spread misleading information, and make groundless allegations in an attempt to undermine the Foundation's efforts to carry out its trust, instead of using this same energy and resources in the constructive spreading of the Urantia teachings.

These latest letters are in line with other anonymous mail directed to a Trustee of Urantia Foundation that sought, through threats, to reverse the decision of the Board of Trustees regarding the removal of Kwan Choi as Trustee. They are the same as complaints to various officials by Martin Myers, a former Trustee, who recently provided Kwan Choi with a supporting affidavit that was filed with the court, which considered the removal of Kwan Choi from the Board of Trustees. These complaints are similar to other “anonymous” and “confidential” sources that, through the years and up to the present time, have complained to the Illinois Attorney General's Office, the Internal Revenue Service, the Judge, or other officials in an attempt to disrupt the operations of Urantia Foundation and to wrest control from its Board of Trustees.

There is nothing new in any of these complaints. However, we understand that these kinds of allegations may upset some readers, and this concerns us deeply. We assure all readers that we are devoted to fulfilling the rolecreated for Urantia Foundation, which is to perform a service of trust for the benefit of the peoples of our world outlined in the Declaration of Trust. We thus welcome the opportunity to address any reader's concerns at any time.

The issues raised by these and other complaints have been evaluated by officials responsible for proper financial and organizational procedures of nonprofit organizations, including the Illinois Attorney General and the Internal Revenue Service. Urantia Foundation takes such issues seriously, and responds promptly to questions or allegations regarding its financial management For example, when Mr. Choi began to make allegations of financial wrongdoing only after his fellow Trustees requested that he resign from the Board, Urantia Foundation immediately notified the Attorney General's Office and offered to provide any information needed to evaluate these claims. Neither the Attorney General nor the Internal Revenue Service has ever found one instance of wrongdoing on the part of the Urantia Foundation.

In the Choi lawsuit, Mr. Choi sued the Trustees and the Attorney General and accused the Trustees of financial maHeasance. TheChief of Compliance with the Attorney General's Office filed an affidavit stating that the Attorney General had found no need to take corrective action against Urantia Foundation

Both the Foundation's Treasurer and its Finance Manager are Certified Public Accountants. Urantia Foundation's financial management has been subjected to audits every year since its inception by independent, certified public accounting firms.

Copies of its audit reports and its Form 990 federal tax returns are available to the public upon request and for a small fee to cover copying and postage. The Foundation's tax returns are available free of charge on the Internet at https://www.guidestar.org/.

Broad-based support for Urantia Foundation continues to increase, and we recognize the responsibility we have to continue earning the confidence and support of Urantia Book readers worldwide. Donations are properly accounted for and are used in accordance with the donor's desires. Our investments are closely supervised and are reported annually to the Attorney General's Office. No one profits, nor has ever profited, from these investments except Urantia Foundation

Earlier this year Urantia Foundation underwent a full Compliance Audit by the Internal Revenue Service. Compliance Audits are the most thorough audits conducted by the IRS on non-profit organizations. They are done about once a decade. On August 27, 2002, the IRS notified us of the results of their audit The IRS found that the Foundation continues to qualify for tax exemption, and that its tax return for the year ending December 31, 1999 was accepted as filed, with no amendments being necessary. When a Compliance Audit is done for a given year (1999 in this case), the preceding year and the following year are also examined, which means that Urantia Foundation passed the IRS's toughest audit for the years 1998, 1999, and 2000.

Urantia Foundation has already addressed most of the issues raised in the anonymous letter in past reader announcements and will do so in the Urantian News and Newsflash! We shall continue providing accurate information in a timely fashion, and responding promptly to requests for information

H you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We shall be only too happy to address your questions in more detail. We want to respond to any concerns that you may have regarding the management of Urantia Foundation Please let us know how we can be of service.

Tonia Baney

Executive Director

Foundation Info

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