Seeds Take Root in India

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We have reported previously on dissemination of The Urantia Book in India by a Foundation Representative who has placed over 3,000 books in libraries throughout India and hundreds more in other Asian countries. We have also reported on our a ttenda nce at several Indian book fairs where we have begun to reach out to this democracy of over one billion inhabitants, the second most populous country in the world.

English is one of two official languages of India, among the over 1,500 languages and dialects spoken there. The predominant religion is Hindu, which the The Urantia Book indicates “has proved to be the most adaptive, amorphic religion to appear on Urantia. It is capable of almost unlimited change and possesses an unusual range of flexible adjustment....” (1031:10)

These efforts have generated considerable interest in The Urantia Book, and now we are being presented with an unprecedented opportunity. We are delighted to report that we are about to take the next step in providing The Urantia Book to the Indian population in partnership with a 300-year-old nonprofit ecumenical society that is one of the leading publishers of Christian material in India, the Indian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (ISPCK).

We have reached an agreement with ISPCK to print and distribute a special edition of The Urantia Book in India. The book will be stitch-bound and will be about two inches thick with a vinyl, leather-look hardcover displaying the concentric-circles symbol in gold foil. It will have rounded comers and a bookmark ribbon and will include the Keyword Index. A very handsome book for under $5.00!

The Urantia Book will be distributed in Christian and secular bookstores throughout India at a subsidized price of 100 Rupees ($2.00). In addition, we have agreed to give away 6,000 copies each year as gifts to theological students graduating from Christian seminaries throughout India. The book will form a part of their personal reference library as they begin their work as pastors and priests serving the people of India.

What an impact this could have! We have embraced this opportunity knowing the potential effect these programs could have in uplifting our world. However, we will need considerable help to carry out these ambitious plans. We invite you to participate in this project by earmarking contributions to help subsidize the below-cost sale of the book in the Indian market or to provide gift books to Indian theological students. We hope that you will share our excitement at this chance to make a difference in India.

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