The Matthew Project

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A Funding Program to Ensure The Urantia Book and its Teachings Reach the World

Matthew was the fiscal agent of the apostolic corps. It was his duty to see that the budget was balanced, tire treasury replenished. If the funds for mutual support were not forthcoming, if donations suffident to maintain the party were not received, Matthew was empowered to order the twelve back to their nets for a season. But this was never necessary after they began their public work; he always had sufficient funds in the treasurer's hands to finance their activities. (1547:6)

Like the apostle Matthew who was given the task of securing the funds to finance the work of Jesus and the apostles, the Matthew Project is committed to developing the resources needed to support the mission entrusted to Urantia Foundation for the fifth epochal revelation. Over the past few years they have been working quietly and steadily toward that goal.

The Fall 2002 Urantian News provided information about the project and the individuals participating in this work. These friends of the revelation would like to take this opportunity to begin providing additional details about the Matthew Project for our key supporters. We will therefore plan to include regular updates in Newsflash! about its progress.

For more than four years this group has been quietly developing a comprehensive campaign to ensure Urantia Foundation is able to continue to fulfill its mission. This is the largest fund development program ever undertaken by Urantia Foundation. We have now received lead gifts of over one quarter of the goal, which allows us to proceed to the next phase.

Those assisting with the Matthew Project meet at least twice a year. At a fruitful meeting this past October, members decided to extend their invitation to discover the “divine alchemy” of involvement with this important project to a larger circle of supporters. They will be calling on you to seek the gift of your creative energies in ensuring the long-term success of Urantia Foundation's mission.

If you would like to learn more about the Matthew Project please contact Tonia Baney or Jay Peregrine at Urantia Foundation. They can provide you with additional information and put you in contact with the Friends of the Matthew Project.

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