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Urantia Foundation recently reached an agreement with Random House-Mondadori to distribute El libro de Urantia through their Mexican-based, Spanish-language website. Random House is prominently displaying the book on its home page at www.randomhousemondadori.com.mx . This is the first major Spanish-language book website to carry El libro de Urantia. We expect this event to break the language barrier that prevents many readers from ordering the book from websites such as Amazon.com that sell Spanish books but only display ordering information in English.

Under this new agreement, Random House will be selling the book at a very low price (the best in all the Spanish-speaking world). They also agreed to offer a 25% introductory discount and free shipping to Mexico and Central America for the first month.

Random House's Mexico retail Internet operation can ship books anywhere in the world, so the availability of low cost books through this website can benefit all Spanish-language readers. However, the shipping costs to areas outside of Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean still remain fairly expensive (similar to Amazon.com). We will continue to look for other shipping options for South America and Spain so that El Libro de Urantia will be available in all countries at a reasonable price. If you have need of Spanish books, consider using this new and inexpensive website, and pass along this good news to your Spanish-speaking friends.

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