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"I discovered The Urantia Book seven years ago at a friend's house and perused it, amazed by the content. It has since been in my mind and I recently purchased it at a local book store. What is so impressive to me is that it doesn't seem to contradict any current spiritual or religious understandings, only adding to them." - Athens, Georgia, USA

"The Urantia Book is the most beautiful collection of truths accessible to any of us Urantians. It reveals God's style for advancing His vast, majestic creation in time-space. The complete life of Jesus, moreover, describes the loving and loveable personality of our Creator Son, in a way that gives us the trusting cosmic identity we so much needed." - Brasilia, Brazil

"Having studied for over twenty-five years, both in the traditional manner, the study and meditation of world religions, the traditional Christian and Jewish Scriptures, as well as subjects generally regarded as more esoteric, I find my life and my attitude altered and uplifted by my study of The Urantia Book. I believe it to be truth." - Sanger, California, USA

"The Urantia Book opens so many doors for the thinking mind that it is impossible to put it on paper." - Johannesburg, South Africa

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