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Urantia Foundation was one of 357 participants in this year's National Public Library Association Book Fair held recently in Phoenix, Arizona. Approximately five thousand librarians from various countries visited Phoenix for this event. Each year this book fair gives publishers an opportunity to display their books to the people responsible for choosing works for public libraries around the world.

Our purpose in attending this fair was to create awareness of The Urantia Book and to encourage librarians to carry it in their collection. Many librarians showed a keen interest in the book, and consequently many books were donated during this event.

The Foundation's display was professional, colorful, and informative. Urantia Books were donated to libraries in twenty-seven of the United States and to libraries in Mexico, Canada, Singapore, and China.

From the shelves of these libraries the message of The Urantia Book will be made available to countless numbers of readers who browse libraries searching for truth. We thank Rick Warren, Cathy Jones, and the other staff and volunteers who helped with this event.

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