Trustees Give Keynote Address at Expo Ser

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Trustees Gard Jameson and Richard Keeler were honored to serve as keynote speakers at Expo Ser y Primer Congreso Mundial del Ser in Mexico City, May 24 through 26, 2002. Expo Ser was an international exposition on topics rela ting to body, mind, and spirit that attracted approximately 15,000 people.

Expo Ser was a highly professional congress and public exhibition covering a wide spectrum of spiritual, health, and scientific pursuits and activities. It comprised conferences, exhibition areas, workshops, and art performances held at Mexico City's World Trade Center, the premier location for exhibitions in Mexico. One of the first events of its kind in the world, Expo Ser was promoted widely throughout Latin America-from Florida to Argentina-via the Internet, cable TV, radio, magazines, billboards, direct mail, and printed materials placed at schools, health and sport clubs, universities, spas, bookstores, culture centers, and other institutes.

Approximately 350 individuals attended the Urantia Foundation presentations, a number exceeded by only one other presenter. Gard Jameson gave an introduction to El Libro de Urantia and Richard Keeler gave a brief history of the Urantia papers and information about Urantia Foundation's mission and activities.

In exchange for Gard and Richard's participation, Urantia Foundation was given a 14 square meter booth with a great location! El Libro de Urantia was available at the Foundation's booth and at two booths sponsored by our distributor, Random House.

El Libro de Urantia was the single best selling title at the fair. It accounted for 50% of Random House's total sales.

This was also a wonderful opportunity to get in touch with people interested in El Libra de Urantia. Members of the Asociación Urantia de Mexico, Mexico's new association of the IUA, helped to set-up the booth and greet visitors. Many, many people stopped to ask about the book, including over one hundred current readers making contact with Urantia Foundation and AUM for the first time.

This event provided an incredible opportunity to plant seeds for the future spread of the Urantia teachings in Latin America. Through contacts made there, a prison book placement program is being initiated in Mexico. Also, the AUM was able to put together several potential new study groups from contacts made at this event. Prayers and support for these fledgling activities are welcomed.

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