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Urantia Foundation now provides a Thoughts to Ponder weekly email service. When you subscribe to Thoughts to Ponder, you'll receive an email once each week containing seven quotations from The Urantia Book. Over the course of a year, you'll receive 365 selected favorites! To subscribe visit on the Foundation's website.

Some readers have found that by receiving quotes in this manner, it provides them with an opportunity to share interesting quotes from The Urantia Book with friends.

One Reader's Experience...

It happens all the time. You've shared The Urantia Book with a family member, friend, or business associate. Maybe you've even given them a copy of the book. They're interested. They've promised to read it. But for whatever reason they haven't started. It can be very frustrating, right?

Here's a simple way to 'entice' them to read a little bit of The Urantia Book. Subscribe to Thoughts to Ponder, and periodically forward them copies of quotations you think will interest them. Or, you could include a favorite selection in your email signature. If you change the quote periodically, your friends will eventually read many of the most significant passages from the book.

Every quote shared has the potential to stimulate the contemplation of spiritual meanings and values and lead to greater heights of understanding. We hope readers will find this service helpful.

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