New Urantia Associations Chartered: Mexico, Alaska

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The International Urantia Association now has approximately 1,150 members, over half of whom live outside of the United States. There are now 8 National Associations and 34 Local Associations of IUA. The National Associations are in Australia/New Zealand, Canada, Colombia, Finland, France, Peru, Senegal, and the USA. Of the 33 Local Associations, 25 are in the USA, 3 in Canada, 2 in Colombia, 1 in Estonia, 1 in Mexico, 1 in Spain, and 1 in the Southern Cone of South America.

The most recent associations to be chartered were in Mexico and Alaska. Following is a brief report on their chartering weekends.


Interest in and sales of El Libro de Urantia are approaching that of the English Urantia Book. Readers in the Spanish speaking countries of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Spain have been spreading the revelation for several years through their Urantia Associations.

Readers in the great country of Mexico have now joined the IUA by forming a local association to help in this work. On April 6, 2002, Asociación Urantia de Mexico was licensed in beautiful Mexico City. This gardensetting meeting was attended by enthusiastic readers from various parts of the country. The IUA's Administrator, Cathy Jones, and Urantia Foundation's President, Richard Keeler, participated in launching this new association.

The Governing Board is: PresidentLiza Palm, Vice PresidentEdgar lbarraran, SecretaryMarcia Wiechers, and Treasurer-Miguel Granada. Congratulations to Asociación Urantia de Mexico. We welcome you into the family of IUA and wish you all the very best in your activities for the revelation in Mexico.


The Urantia Association of Alaska was licensed May 19, 2002 in Anchorage, Alaska. May 19th was the symbolic celebration of Pentecost and a timely reminder of the day in which Jesus fulfilled his promise to bestow his spirit upon all mankind after his resurrection. Those in attendance at a meeting room at the large, modernistic Anchorage Public Library reported that, without a doubt, that very spirit surely bonded this group of dedicated Urantia Book readers and believers.

Urantia Foundation's President, Richard Keeler, and the IUA Administrator, Cathy Jones, represented the International Urantia Association.

The Governing Board of UAA is: President--Carl Ramm, Vice President--Sherie Crosby, Secretary/Treasurer--Susan Alexander.

Fellow USUA leaders had the opportunity to extend their welcome to this new Urantia association when Carl and Susan Ramm represented UAA at the USUA annual meeting in Chicago. We extend a hearty welcome to this new association and send them all good wishes.

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