Thank You Bob Solone

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Urantia Foundation wishes to acknowledge the loyalty, dedication, and commitment of Bob Solone, long time employee of the Foundation.

Bob joined Urantia Foundation in 1990 and worked in the Reader Services Department answering literally thousands of reader inquiries. Having lived in South America and being multi-lingual, Bob also worked on the Spanish Desk and attended many book fairs in South America. He attended to and coordinated the many inquiries and activities of readers and volunteers from Spanish-speaking nations. He also served as the editor for the Urantian News, the Foundation's semi-annual newsletter.

Bob has remained loyal to the Foundation during some of its most trying periods and has been a great asset in assisting new staff during the changing period of the past five to six years. He is also renowned among the readership community for his musical talents and sing-alongs at Urantia conferences and gatherings.

Bob's presence will continue to be part of our Foundation family through his volunteer work and his presence at our weekly study group. We are sure he will continue to serve The Urantia Book teachings in his personal life. We wish him well for his future pursuits both with his musical career and his continued service to the revelation.

Thank you, Bob Solone.

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