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Printing News

Pagination of Translations Because Urantia Foundation is deeply concerned with the globalization and worldwide dissemination of the Urantia Revelation, we are committed to formatting all translations and editions of The Urantia Book consistently according to the original pagination, as in the 1955 printing.

This means that any passage in the book can be found on the same page and paragraph in all languages and formats, especially helpful for group study. Students of the book in any language can find passages by the same easy page-paragraph reference system. This applies to the printed editions as well as the CD-ROM and the on-line text.

Formatting in this manner permits study aids, newsletters, and journal articles to use the same convenient page-paragraph references regardless of their language and facilitates translation of these materials to many languages.

Readers have confirmed to us over the years that the fastest and easiest way to find a favorite passage in the book is to go right to the page and then the paragraph. This is a great advantage for international translators and readers alike. With over 600,000 books in print in seven languages, the Foundation is committed to this universal system of formatting the book.

Spanish Printing in Colombia Since 1993, the response to El libro de Urantia by readers in Colombia, South America has been remarkable. In addition to the formation of many study groups throughout the country, Colombia now has three Associations belonging to the International Urantia Association as well as a Foundation Representative.

Now we are pleased to announce that, for the first time, El libro de Urantia, has been printed in Colombia. We thank our Representative and other readers who assisted at presscheck. This South American printing represents a major move in facilitating the spread of the teachings of The Urantia Book throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

You who today enjoy the advantages of the art of printing little understand how difficult it was to perpetuate truth during these earlier times; how easy it was to lose sight of a new doctrine from one generation to another. (1022:2)

The primary benefit of printing in Colombia will be the resulting lower prices in the bookstores. Many countries in South America charge substantial import taxes on books imported from non-Spanish-speaking countries. Eliminating these added taxes and reducing the shipping costs will allow our distributors to pass on a substantial savings to the bookstores and finally to consumers.

In addition to this good news, one of our major distributors of El libro de Urantia has recently expanded its distribution beyond North America and will now distribute the books to Central America and the Caribbean as well.

The Trustees and staff of Urantia Foundation look forward to, and are excited about, the continued expansion of distribution networks throughout the world and the growing numbers of readers who are discovering the teachings.