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Histories of The Urantia Book

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Histories of The Urantia Book

Some readers have asked us whether certain books and websites dealing with the history of The Urantia Book are published or approved by the Foundation. Urantia Foundation is not affiliated with and does not endorse any of the histories currently in print.

At an event commemorating Urantia Foundation's 50th Anniversary in March 2000, a publication entitled The Golden Years: 100 Years of Revelation, was provided as a memento for participants. Additional work has continued in order to produce a well-documented, book-length publication.

There is also a History of the Urantia Movement published on Urantia Foundation's website. This history was authored by Dr. William Sadler, head of the Contact Commission, the original custodians of the manuscripts of The Urantia Papers. The Contact Commission was charged with the pre-publication management of The Urantia Book project, with securing the international copyrights, etc. The Sadler history is available at or by contacting your local office of Urantia Foundation.