The Southern Cone Conference

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The Asociación Urantia del Cono Sur (Urantia Association of the Southern Cone) held a conference in a charming, peaceful retreat complex in Malloco, Santiago, Chile in November. The theme was “Truth, Beauty, and Goodness” and it is reported that it was a wonderful conference filled with inspiration and in-depth study of El Libro de Urantia.

The attendees hailed from Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile. Some of the participants had attended previous gatherings of the Urantia Association of the Southern Cone, but new friendships were made with new faces.

Three presentations were given: one by Carolina Arana, another by Carlos Rubinsky, and the other by Anibal Pacheco. In addition there was a series of study group workshops where the participants recorded an analysis of their study and then presented their findings to the entire group.

One participant wrote: “I feel I have been privileged to be able to attend this conference. Our growth in the concepts of truth, beauty, and goodness will have a powerful influence in our lives. We have fed our brotherhood relationships and friendships, and this social group will continue to be together and keep on growing...along with the Supreme....”

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