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Newsflash! is a less formal communication device than URANTIAN News the official newsletter that Urantia Foundation provides free of charge to its full mailing list. Newsflash! is intended to provide select, key people with breaking news and in-depth information regarding Urantia Foundation's programs and activities. This keeps you abreast of events as they occur so you will be well informed and able to pass information along to others. We welcome your comments and suggestions regarding this newsletter.

Newsflash! is produced and mailed (or emailed) entirely in-house at Urantia Foundation. Articles are submitted by various staff and volunteer workers and are compiled and edited by Kathleen Swadling, Mindy Williams, and Liz Cratty. Of course, this takes staff time and some considerable expense to produce.

Save Costs by Receiving Newsflash! by Email

Many of you are already helping to defray costs for Newsflash! by having your copy delivered by email. This saves the copying and postage expenses that we normally incur. In addition, it provides the added benefit of receiving the electronic files that can be copied or forwarded as appropriate.

If you would like to help save costs by receiving your Newsflash! via email or if you have other comments or suggestions regarding Newsflash!, please contact the Office Manager, Mindy Williams, at [email protected] Every bit of savings helps us to funnel precious resources into other projects such as translations and printings of The Urantia Book.

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