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Efforts to form a team to translate The Urantia Book into the Chinese language were begun as early as 1997. After much research, Urantia Foundation established contact with a group of university professors in China in 2000. A tentative understanding was reached about the terms under which the group would undertake to translate the book into Chinese.

The Board of Trustees approved the project and decided to engage the team to produce a Chinese translation. In October 2001, Seppo Kanerva and Trustee Georges Michelson-Dupont traveled to China to meet with the team and finalize the agreement. The necessary agreements were signed in a memorable ceremony.

One of the professors had already been working on a special dictionary of 120 pages, the purpose of which is to ensure that the special terminology and concepts of The Urantia Book are uniformly and accurately translated by all team members. The team has been meeting and working since they made the sample translations. Already more than twenty papers have been translated.

The team will produce two versions of the Chinese rendering: one using modernized and the other using classical Chinese characters.

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