Spanish Readers Join to Assist in Editing of El Libro de Urantia

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Talks were held at the Foundation in June of this year with a number of Latin-American readers on the subject of the re-translation of El Libro de Urantia by readers in Spain and whether there might be a need to publish separate translations of The Urantia Book for readers in Spain and Latin America. At the conclusion of these talks it was envisaged that an effort would be made to establish a working relationship between the Spanish translators in Seville, Spain and Latin American readers from South America.

Soon after the Chicago meeting the Seville group was asked if they would like to receive a delegation consisting of Foundation representatives and a small number of LatinAmerican participants in the Chicago meeting. The Seville group replied that they would welcome such a delegation “with arms wide open” and in September both groups met in Seville.

Despite the many differences of opinion and the widely divergent views of the two groups, the atmosphere at the meeting was constructive; spiritual unity prevailed from the first moment, and the outcome surpassed even the best of expectations.

Based on recommendations from these readers, and in the interests of unity, the Trustees decided that the Foundation should continue to publish a single Spanish translation of The Urantia Book and that the text should be acceptable to readers both in Spain and Latin America.

All agreed to form a Retranslation Committee consisting of two teams one from Latin America and one from Spain and a group of advisors. The objective of this committee is to produce a Spanish translation that is acceptable to both Latin-American and Spanish readers. The two teams will work together and make their best efforts to produce a text acceptable to Spanish readers throughout the world.

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