First Colombian IUA National Conference

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Cathy Jones, IUA Administrator

The first conference of the Colombian International Urantia Association, Primer Congreso Colombiano De Lectores Del Libro De Urantia was held August 18, 19, and 20 at the beautiful, sun-filled conference center, Aguadora Oub, located up a winding road, high atop a green mountain overlooking the bustling city of Bogotá, population 6 million.

Richard Keeler, Robert Solone, and myself from Urantia Foundation attended and we found the Colombian people warm, friendly, intelligent and deeply rooted in Christian values and precepts.

This being the first country-wide reader event, what, in the beginning seemed to be an impossibility, turned out to be a spiritual and mental feast for 130 responsive readers. Miriam Rivera, a fairly new reader, experienced in producing large meetings in Bogota, was the highly skilled conference co-ordinator. The 3-day program flowed without a hitch. Great job Miriam, and all the tireless planners and workers.

The conference theme was “Travesia hacia el Paraiso” (Journey Towards the Paradise). And what a journey it was! President Patricia Ramierez opened the first day with an inspiring, enthusiastic greeting which set the conference mood.

Tamila Ragimova, physicst, from the former Soviet Union, now professor at Medellin (Colombia) University, was the opening speaker, with an outstanding presentation, Cosmologia del Universo de Universos. From there, the remaining 14 speakers continued the highest caliber, researched, Urantia Book related material comparable, if not to exceed, many reader gatherings. Many slides and prepared charts were used. (You will soon find all the speeches on our Latin American website and we are translating them into English for the IUA website.)

Two outstanding musical interludes were presented. Everyone, especially we Americans, enjoyed hearing Frank Sinatra songs in English, in addition to many Colombian favorites. Another very talented musician rendered a musical performance from a collection of handmade instruments of modem and pre-Colombian origin.

Licensing of San Jose Local Association

A final highlight was the licensing of Asociación Urantia San Jose Eje Cafetero, Colombia's newest local association. San Jose is nestled just outside Bogata and is primarily a farming community. The town is almost 100% crime-free. The Catholic Church is in the center of town and many of the leading citizens are Urantia Book readers. This new group of San Jose professionals have been reading The Urantia Book since 1996 and meet for study daily. Their dedication and joy in living these advanced principles is indeed an inspiration.

The officers are: President: Dr. Jairo Franco Londono, Vice President: Dr. Mauricio Castano Ramirez, Treasurer: Alexander Tamayo Minas, Secretary: Dario Franco Londono.

We are honored to have this group join our IUA family and look forward to getting to know each of you. To Colombia, congratulations on a successful, inspiring conference and many thanks for your love and hospitality.

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