Post Trial Activities: Michael Foundation v. Urantia Foundation

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On August 14, Judge West issued rulings in several post-trial Motions in the case of Michael Foundation v. Urantia Foundation.

Judge West entered an Amended Judgment in this case to reflect that it applies only to U.S. Renewal Copyright No. RE-384. Urantia Foundation sought this clarification because it has valid copyrights in various translations of the text, valid international copyrights in the English book, and valid copyright claims in the format of the book that includes the Contents of the Book Section authored by Bill Sadler that was not a part of the case with McMullan. However, not unexpectedly, Judge West denied Urantia Foundation's Motions for Judgment Notwithstanding Verdict and for a New Trial.

In addition, Judge West found there was no basis for the Motion by Harry McMullan III and Michael Foundation to require Urantia Foundation to pay their attorney's fees incurred in this lawsuit because the positions taken by Urantia Foundation were objectively reasonable in light of the evidence adduced at trial and the responsibilities entrusted to the Foundation to preserve the text of The Urantia Book inviolate.

The parties were given thirty days within which to file a notice of appeal. We remain hopeful the appellate court will follow the lead of the earlier favorable appeal in Maaherra. We expect a final ruling from the United States Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals within the next year to year and one-half.

Thanks to all of you who have expressed your encouragement and support.

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