The Need for the Classic Study Edition of The Urantia Book

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Urantia Foundation first printed The Urantia Book in 1955 in a size considered a “book industry” standard at the time (6-3/4” x 10"). In 1993, the Trustees decided to print a smaller version so that a more portable book would be available to readers, one that did not weigh or cost as much.

Since that time we have greatly expanded the variety of sizes and formats available to the public. However, we continue to receive many requests for the original “Classic Study Edition.” As consistent sales have depleted our inventory, it is time to thoroughly weigh the advantages and disadvantages of reprinting this edition.

The primary advantage to reprinting this size book is continuity. We have printed the Classic Study Edition for over 46 years. Its unique white dust jacket displaying the blue Concentric-Circles Symbol and “Urantia” is not only eye-catching but also immediately recognizable. In fact, to many readers, booksellers, and distributors, this is the quintessential Urantia Book. To stop printing this popular version at this critical juncture in the history of the book might damage our market dominance.

This size also provides readers with a book that can be easily marked up. The large margins provide ample space to make the book a true tool for study--a record of readings, study sessions, reference notations, and personal reflections. This size also permits the reader to underline or highlight a favorite passage without marring the remaining text in the paragraph.

Though its per unit cost exceeds that of most of our other printings, the suggested retail price for the Classic Study Edition remains at an affordable level consistent with current book industry standards. Many readers have indicated to us through informal queries that they would be willing to pay much more for such a high-quality tome.

Urantia Foundation is in the process of deciding whether to reprint the original Classic Study Edition. Some things that we need to consider are cost, number of books sold, quantity to print, and size, itemized below.

  • Last print date - June 1993
  • Last quantity printed - 25,000
  • Last cost per book - $10.92 (printing costs only)
  • Total cost of last printing - $273,000.00
  • Quantity remaining in inventory - approx. 531
  • Number of books sold per year:
    • 1993...5,926
    • 1994...6,449
    • 1995...4,009
    • 1996...1,451 (First soft cover printed June 1996)
    • 1997...1,601
    • 1998...1,322
    • 1999...2,352
    • 2000...4,054
    • 2001...1,060 (through August 31, 2001)
  • We will need approx. 130 books per month to complete regular orders prior to a new printing, which means that we have about a 4 month supply of books remaining. It will take approximately 2 months to have the book printed, bound, and boxed.
  • Current suggested retail price is $34.95
  • We are considering printing either 5,000 or 10,000 new books in a 7-3/8” x 9-1/4” size. We can print 10,000 copies and only bind 5,000 until the remaining books are needed.
    • Cost for 5,000 ...... $52,400.00 ...... $10.48 each
    • Cost for 5,000 bound plus
    • 5,000 unbound ...... $92,062.00 ...... $9.21 each
  • The current 8” x 10'' size would cost the following:
    • Cost for 5,000 ...... $72,415.00 ...... $14.48 each
    • Cost for 10,000 ...... $114,790.00 ...... $11.48 each

When all is said and done, The Urantia Book Classic Study Edition is the most well known of all our producis. In the two-week period between September 4 and 21, 2001 we have processed orders for 18 books to 15 individuals and 40 books from bookstores and distributors. To eliminate this version from our catalog of offerings now would provide only a slight cost benefit but create a significant vacuum and leave readers without a cherished friend. We will keep you updated as the decision process unfolds.

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