The Fellowship Votes to Print Book

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The General Council of the Fellowship recently decided to publish its own version of The Urantia Book despite attempts over the past years by Urantia Foundation and many members of International Urantia Association and the Fellowship to work for unity and cooperation among these organizations. They are currently soliciting $150,000 to publish what they claim “will be a significant improvement over all currently available printings.”

The Fellowship printed a competing edition of The Urantia Book in 1996 after an Arizona court ruled that the Foundation's renewal copyright was invalid in the Maaherra case. When the United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned that ruling in 1997, Urantia Foundation and the Fellowship reached a settlement agreement and called for steps toward cooperation and unity.

The decision by the Fellowship's General Council to again enter the marketplace with a competing edition of The Urantia Book is disappointing. Based on past experience, we hoped that other would-be publishers would at least await the decision of the appellate court.

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