Farewell to Rosendo

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A dear friend and long time supporter of Urantia Foundation, Rosendo de Aguilera, former President of the New York Urantia Association, passed on to the mansion worlds on April 24. Our heartfelt condolences go to his wife, Maria who has been a source of inspiration and joy. The fruits of the spirit have emanated from this couple and have brought brightness and happiness into the lives of their fellows. Rosendo was a man of grace and was loved and highly respected among his fellow Urantia Book readers. He was a great asset to Urantia Foundation over the years assisting with our relations to our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters. He and Maria also donated their extensive library collection of religious books to Urantia Foundation.

A few comments from his friends:

“Rosendo and his wife, Maria are two of the most beloved and respected members of the worldwide community of Urantia Book readers. Their many years of service and love have permeated throughout many countries.”

“Rosendo was the embodiment of a courtly gentleman, a rare breed in any age. I will miss him greatly. I'm so glad I was able to spend some wonderful moments with him at the 2000 Conference. It heartens me to imagine Rosendo's dear friend, Rick Brinkman, being on hand to welcome Rosendo to Mansonia. My heartfelt sympathies and love to Rosendo's precious Maria.”

“For those of us that have known and loved you over the years, we honor your memory. Of you it may truly be said-you were a man without guile. You will be missed here but I have no doubt the angels rejoice to welcome one so beloved.”

“Please add my heartfelt prayers and condolences for Maria and the rest of the De Aguilera family and loved ones. I recently came across a card with a picture of a baby in a sink smiling with a look of amazed joy at a running facet of water. Underneath was a caption that read: 'Let the wonders begin...' To you, Rosendo De Aguilera, child of the universe, I say also: 'Let the wonders begin...'.”

“Rosendo was a man of Grace. And here I use a capital 'G.' From the time I met him until his passing, he and Maria were to me like my own parents. Rosendo was a man of love. He was always concerned for everyone and especially those in need. Few people realize that it was Rosendo who commanded the forces to organize the conference in New York City. He was the spiritual captain, and it was he who assured that the NY conference was dedicated to our Universal Father and to living his will. Another interesting fact about this man of God from Cuba is that while we know that he has brought many readers to The Urantia Book, especially Hispanics, few know that he has also brought many books to the readers. Rosendo has collected well over 40,000 religious books in his lifetime, and has donated these to Urantia Foundation for its coming library. Recently, I was in contact with Rosendo's wife Maria, who is now ready for the library to become a reality. This was among Rosendo's final wishes.”

Memorial services were held in both Marco Island, Florida and in Queens, New York on Monday April 30, 2001. A reader who attended the New York memorial reported:

“Last night some twenty friends of our brother Rosendo met at Hut Humble in Queens, New York to celebrate his passing to the mansion worlds. After Carol Cannon presented a beautiful memorial tribute to him and led us in prayer, we all lit our candles and reminisced about our memories of Rosendo. It was heart warming.”

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