Staff Changes - Linda Jensen, Matt Viglione, Jay Peregrine, Lynn Prentice

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There are two new staff members at URANTIA Foundation. Linda Jensen, a native Chicagoan, has the responsibility to process orders for books and other merchandise, to generate invoices, and to coordinate with the shipping department to ensure prompt and accurate service for all customers. Linda also serves as accounting assistant and telephone receptionist.

Matt Viglione comes to Chicago by way of Pennsylvania. His computer expertise is very helpful in the daily operations of several departments as well as in such specialized duties as book formatting. Matt serves as an all-around assistant to the Foundation's staff in the United States and worldwide. We are fortunate to have his versatile office skills. With a degree in French Literature and good communication skills in French, Matt occasionally serves as an in-house translator.

Jay Peregrine is back on staff full-time, serving as URANTIA Foundation Webmaster and Manager of Information Technologies. The dramatic increase of website activity and computer-related office business requires Jay's full attention. He is also assisting Tonia Baney with fund-raising activities.

Lynn Prentice has left Chicago to pursue Urantia-related activities with her family in Missouri. She is providing valuable assistance to the Zebedee Guild in their efforts to stage this year's United States URANTIA Association conference near Kansas City. Lynn's previous duties at URANTIA Foundation have been delegated among staff members, with Jay Peregrine taking up her role in coordinating the Matthew Project. We are grateful to Lynn for her efforts in Publishing and Public Relations. The standards which she helped to implement will continue to benefit Foundation operations in the future.

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