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Reader Comments About The URANTIA Book

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Reader Comments About The URANTIA Book

"I've been reading your book for about a year, and I can only express my inner identification with what the book represents to the human beings. I must confess it takes time and deep thinking to get the most out of it, and I will continue doing it, I think, as long as I live." ~ Itagui, COLOMBIA

"I find tremendous treasure in this book and am convinced of the noble cause you have undertaken. India with its uniqueness of variety of cultures and more so its credit of being a cradle for many world religions, can learn a lot from this book, if only the Indians put their heart into learning from this." ~ Bombay, INDIA

"I opened it, read the outline and was struck with the excitement and wonderment that has remained since that day. A wonderful gift to the human race." ~ California, USA

"It has, with its revelations, not only captivated me, but changed my outlook and gave me after a lifelong search the conviction of having, at last, found the Truth." ~ Goslar, GERMANY