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We have begun to see the effects of the efforts of Urantia Foundation over the past several years to enhance distribution channels in Latin America. Urantia Foundation staff and representatives have made valuable contacts by participating in major book fairs in Mexico and South America. Sales of El Libro de Urantia soared to 15,794 during the year 2000. This was facilitated in part by the work of Ana Garcia (Foundation Representative in Mexico), Robert Solone, and Tonia Baney, who convinced the largest distributors in Latin America to begin carrying The Urantia Book. These distributors have helped to reduce the retail prices of El Libro de Urantia in bookstores. In the past year, one distributor in Mexico has ordered 8,500 books! Ana is also assisting many of the Foundation's Representatives throughout South America with their contacts with booksellers.

Two reader meetings were arranged while Tonia Baney was in Mexico for the Guadalajara Book Fair. Fifty-five readers gathered in Guadalajara and sixty-five in Mexico City. These meetings provided a great opportunity for Spanish-speaking readers in Mexico to meet and fraternize with one another, to ask questions, and to be updated on activities worldwide.

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