New Transitional Coordinating Committee Members

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Several years ago, responding to IUA leadership, the Trustees asked the Coordinating Committee to form a Charter Committee to review the IUA Charter and Bylaws. The committee recommended that the Charter and Bylaws be revised to reflect the formation of the CNP and suggested that the Trustees consider further codifications of the current documents. The Trustees authorized the Charter Committee to prepare a draft reflecting the committee's recommendations. The initial phase of this process is nearly complete, although it has not yet been presented to the Trustees. When the draft has been submitted to the Trustees, they will review it to determine whether the proposal has sufficient merit to warrant consideration by the members. While the IUA Bylaws are under review, the IUA Coordinating Committee will be referred to as the Transitional Coordinating Committee. The Transitional Coordinating Committee will carry out any duties of the Coordinating Committee under the current IUA Charter and Bylaws until new Bylaws have been adopted, and will facilitate the transition to operation under the new bylaws.

The Trustees have appointed five new members to the Transitional Coordinating Committee: Kathleen Swadling, Australia, Lee Armstrong, USA, Peep Sõber, Estonia, Gaétan Charland, Canada, Patricia Ramírez González, Colombia, and Séverin Desbuisson, France. Nancy Shaffer, USA, was appointed Chairperson.

The TCC currently has two committees, the Executive Committee and the Charter Committee. Nancy Shaffer is the Chair of the Executive Committee. Jo Anne King is the Chair of the Charter Committee. The Charter Committee expects to submit a proposed draft of amended bylaws for IUA to the Trustees in April.

The members of the Transitional Coordinating Committee and their current assignments are:

Nancy Shaffer, Transitional Coordinating Committee Chair, Executive Committee Chair, Charter Committee
Jo Anne King, Executive Committee, Charter Committee Chair
Jay Peregrine, Executive Committee, Charter Committee
Seppo Kanerva, Executive Committee, Charter Committee
Cathy Jones, Executive Committee, Charter Committee
Travis Binion, Executive Committee, Charter Committee
Kathleen Swadling
Lee Armstrong
Peep Sõber
Gaétan Charland
Patricia Ramírez González
Séverin Desbuisson

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