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Libraries in Korea, China, and Burma Receive The Urantia Book

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Libraries in Korea, China, and Burma Receive The Urantia Book

Map of AsiaURANTIA Foundation's Field Representative, Mark Bloomfield, who hand delivered 1500 URANTIA Books to libraries throughout India, has recently been placing books in libraries throughout South Korea, China, Burma, and other Asian regions. About China, Mark reported the following:

"All fifty-five of the major Chinese universities that actually use English as a secondary language of instruction now have a copy of The URANTIA Book. Both Catholic and protestant churches have been presented with the revelation at their highest levels. The major public libraries of China, some of which are among the largest in Asia, also now have the book. The learning centres of Taiwan have copies on their way to them.

Around a quarter of all Chinese university library books are in English, and in Shanghai library, about 40 percent. Of all libraries visited, not one refused to take it. The librarians I met gladly and unhesitatingly accepted not only the book, but also its message. I never had a single refusal. Every place I offered a book to accepted it gladly. The short conversations I had with librarians who spoke passable English confirmed that the book's teachings were very close to the Chinese heart. I couldn't help slipping in 'universal comradeship' sometimes as well as universal brotherhood.

The churches are closely watched by the authorities and have to call themselves 'patriotic churches' though after talking with some of the high rollers within the Chinese Christian community, there's no shortage of old-time Christian spirit within them. I received an email from a minister of a Beijing church that received a book in the mail. He told me how his little church on Christmas day had several thousand citizens visit it many of whom waited for hours in the freezing cold to come in. Four services were held back to back in order to contain them all. That tells us something about what's going on over there.

The Chinese translation must be finished a.s.a.p. This country is ready!!!"

South Korea

In Seoul, South Korea, our Representative hand placed 97 Korean translations of The URANTIA Book in college and university libraries. Another 250 books were placed in Christian clubs at Korean colleges and universities. In addition, with the help of Korean readers and our Korean Representative, he mailed 231 books to college and university libraries outside of Seoul. He arranged for 35 books to be distributed to the major regional public libraries by the Chief Librarian of the National Library. If the regional public libraries respond positively to the book, the Chief Librarian of the National Library has agreed to distribute the book to the remaining public libraries.


Mark managed to get 30 books into Burma as part of his personal luggage. Here's what he had to say about his Burmese adventure: "Now there aren't many libraries in Burma. As knowledge is power, the powers to be have little to gain by educating the people and lots to lose. With the 30 books I had with me, I was able to cover all the important bases, and had I have had another 50 or so with me, I could probably have cleaned up. The presence of big brother is never very far away. Foreigners are prohibited from entering university campuses so needless to say, all the universities I visited ended up as a story in itself. At Rangoon university, I finally managed to befriend the guards who eventually escorted me to the librarian. He happily accepted the book, then showed me next door to the Universities Central Library, the headquarters of the entire Burmese university library system where I had a wonderful long talk with the lady librarian, who was a devout Buddhist. We had much in common, especially the notion of universal brotherhood. At Dagon University on the edge of Rangoon, I waited at the main gate for over an hour whilst a steady stream of guards shuttled between me and the librarian relaying message after message. Eventually she came out herself to receive the books which she did cheerfully and good naturedly."

Mark is continuing his efforts in Southeast Asia. We shall continue to report on his inspiring adventures in helping URANTIA Foundation achieve its goal to place the book in the libraries of the world.