International Conference--France 2002

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Mark your calendars now for this exciting biennial event. Readers from more areas of the world attend these conferences than any other Urantia Book reader gatherings.

The next IUA International Conference will take place in France in August 2002. Tentative dates are set for August 3-7, 2002, with business meetings for IUA and the Foundation on August 1-2. A comfortable site has been found at Dourdan, a small and beautiful medieval village 40-50 kilometers south of Paris.

The general theme will be “Vivre le plan divin d'ascension dans l'experience humaine”—“Living the Ascension Plan in Human Experience.”

Six secondary themes will be developed and proposed soon and given to each National Association (or at least to each continent). The organizers wish to give an international dimension to this event by allowing each National Association to express and share in its own way.

More details will be available later this year.

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