68% Increase In Book Distribution In 2000!

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Urantia Foundation Book Sales: 1955-2000The year-end numbers are in and confirm that 2000 was a record year for total distribution of The URANTIA Book. 39,071 books, in seven languages, were distributed worldwide last year, including library placement and gift books. This represents a 68% increase over the prior year, continuing an upward trend seen over the past several years. After the initial printing, it took the first 16 years to distribute the same number of books that were distributed in the year 2000.

This dramatic increase is due in part to newly acquired international distributors who have made translations of The URANTIA Book widely available in villages, cities, and countries around the world. Notwithstanding, the recent surge in the distribution of the book may not have occurred without URANTIA Foundation's Library Placement Program. Devoted, service-oriented individual readers of The URANTIA Book have paved the way for this distribution surge by personally volunteering their time and labor to place books in libraries. They are planting the seed of the fifth epochal revelation and making it accessible even to people in the remote corners of the earth.

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