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The October 2000 addition of Dutch and Korean language translations of Urantia Foundation's website means this resource is now available to the peoples of all seven languages in which there are published translations English, French, Finnish, Spanish, Russian, Dutch and Korean. From Urantia Foundation's home page, a visitor may select which language to view. Each language has information about The Urantia Book, and the full text of the book itself is now available online in all of the published languages except the newest—Korean.

In addition, readers of the Spanish text, El Libro de Urantia, now have advanced search capabilities using the search engine that until now has been available only for the English text.

We have witnessed a three-fold increase in web traffic on the site over the past 16 months since its redesign. Visitors now access approximately 90,000 web pages per month to view information about The Urantia Book.

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