Recent Displays of The Urantia Book at Other Book Fairs

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The St. Petersburg Foundation office manager and volunteers presented the Russian translation of The Urantia Book at the Moscow Book Fair in Russia from September 6-11. The booth received around 250 visitors, most of whom viewed The Urantia Book for the first time. Much interest was shown, many questions were answered, some interesting discussions were held with people adept in the Bible teachings, quite a few books were sold, and valuable contacts were made with booksellers.

New Delhi:

The Foundation displayed The Urantia Book again at the New Delhi Book Fair in India from August 12-20. Once again a tremendous amount of interest was shown in the book. Hundreds of people visited the booth and many books were sold. Lengthy discussions took place throughout the 9 days as Hindus, Moslems, Sikhs, and Christians hungry for new truth and knowledge delved into the book and were amazed by what they found.

Three study groups were held with new readers—some of whom had bought the book at either of the two previous book fairs and were interested in studying with others. Additional contacts were made with booksellers and contacts made with distributors from previous visits were reinforced.

Books continue to be placed in libraries throughout India.


The Urantia Foundation office in Vancouver, British Columbia, exhibited The Urantia Book at the Canadian Booksellers Association's annual Convention and Tradeshow in Toronto, Ontario June 16-19, 2000. This is Canada's largest and most definitive book industry event and the Foundation established a first time presence. The booth at the CBA tradeshow was constructed and staffed with the muchappreciated assistance of the local IUA and readers in Ontario. All volunteers had a great time discussing the revelation with bookstore owners and employees, chain store buyers, distributors, authors and librarians.

From time-to-time there were a few eccentric individuals that stopped by to help make the challenge of it all that much more interesting. The personal contacts established during the tradeshow are helping to create a higher profile for The Urantia Book in Canada. Reed Exhibition Cos. Inc., one of the world's preeminent owners and operators of book industry trade fairs, will take charge of future events beginning next year. These new world-class tradeshows will create greater exposure of The Urantia Book and future opportunities for the Canadian Urantia Foundation to place the book in libraries and bookstores throughout Canada.


Last spring The Urantia Book and Urantia Foundation were visible for the first time at the Quebec Book Fair held from April 12 to 16, 2000. The estimated number of visitors was about 40,000.

Quebec Office Manager Colette Pelletier commented: “The experience was great. Introducing The Urantia Book to people is always fascinating. Some people were curious about the word “Urantia” and others were threatened by another group talking about God and religion. We were surprised to count how many people had heard about or read The Urantia Book in the 1970 's and didn 't know about any organization affiliated with the book. To some, we gave them back the taste to read it again. Even if the sales were small, we 're convinced that we planted seeds for future harvest.”

Fifteen volunteers participated in the book fair. Our thanks to all who helped man the Foundation's booth and work to bring an awareness of The Urantia Book to the people of Quebec.

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