Spanish Book Sales Soar

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Our Latin American brothers and sisters seem to be on fire with the revelation. In recent months, the Foundation has seen unprecedented growth in the sale of El libro de URANTIA, especially in South America. With the help of two new ma or international distributors, one in Argentina and one in Mexico, the current printing is selling out sooner than expected. One of the distributors is ordering the book by the thousands.

Consequently, we are going to reprint the Spanish book immediately. The new printing will be virtually the same as the current one. The revision process that is currently underway in Seville, Spain, will not be completed for some time. We are looking forward to making available a completely revised edition of El libro de URANTIA in a future printing.

URANTIA Foundation has had much success in establishing a fixed price for El libro de Urantia throughout Latin America, making it more affordable for the residents there. The Foundation sustains a loss on the sale of each book. Because of this, a perpetual printing fund for the Spanish book is being proposed to insure that it remains in print. A perpetual printing fund is an endowment fund in which only the interest may be used for printing expenses while the principal remains intact.

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