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"I came across The URANTIA Book by accident. I was looking for a commentary on revelation in the New Testament for my Sunday School class, so I typed in revelations on the internet and came up with The URANTIA Book. I started to read it and haven't been able to put it down yet. It has answered many questions that I was seeking answers to. One day I will thank God and the writers for this Book."


"One reason I have been drawn to the Urantia writings is because it is fresh and has not had time to become corrupted. Not to mention that it is so much more complete in its scope and that its original language is English. After 30 years of seeking knowledge of God and his ways I have much new food for thought. Thank you for your valiant efforts."


"I am now reading the chapters on Jesus' life, it is extraordinarily detailed and informing. I am absolutely perplexed by this and can't help but wonder how this is. There is definitely a strange ring of legitimacy in this strange, beautiful text. I tried to start at the beginning but the use of language was like an attempt to explain everything put into words, like the maximum capacity of language, of human literal expressing, like trying to explain to someone who has never smelled a rose the smell it emits. The book is amazing."

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