Michael Foundation/McMullan Legal Update

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As reported in the last issue of Newsflash, Harry McMullan's Michael Foundation, Inc. filed suit against Urantia Foundation in the United States District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma on May 12, 2000. The suit requests the court to declare the copyright in The Urantia Book invalid or, alternatively, to rule that the publication entitled Jesus—A New Revelation, consisting of Papers 121-196 of The Urantia Book, does not infringe the copyright.

Urantia Foundation filed its response to the complaint on June 16 advising the court of the three prior cases where the copyright was contested and upheld by the courts, most recently in Urantia Foundation v. Maaherra.

Urantia Foundation requested the court to enter judgment in favor of Urantia Foundation against Hany McMullan III and Michael Foundation for willful violations of: copyright law, the anti-cybersquatting consumer protection act (for registering Internet domain names that violate Urantia Foundation's trademark rights), and the unfair and deceptive trade practices act.

Harry McMullan III has now retained separate counsel for himself and for Michael Foundation. Michael Foundation has added additional claims requesting the court to invalidate Urantia Foundation's trademark rights to “Urantia” and “Urantian.” Both have filed their responses to Urantia Foundation's answer and counterclaim.

We are now entering the discovery phase of the proceedings during which time relevant documents will be exchanged and depositions conducted. As new developments occur we will keep you informed.

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