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Korean Book Fair

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Korean Book Fair

Kwan Choi, his wife Kathy Choi, (Representative for the Korean translation in the United States), and James Woodward from the Reader Services Department in Chicago attended the Seoul 2000 International Book Fair on June 2 -7. This was the public debut of the Korean translation of The Urantia Book and it was given a warm reception.

The Foundation's booth was situated directly across from the front entrance to the huge main hall where the book fair was held, inside a beautiful new Convention and Exhibition Center. This location led thousands of individuals and book trade professionals to stop and browse the new edition.

Christianity has taken a strong foothold on this Asian peninsula, and many Korean Christians were intrigued with the book. The booth featured posters and brochures in Korean, beckon ing the merely curious and the seriously interested.

Many pulled up chairs and read intently for a while, asking questions and leafing through the book's contents. A good many of the local clergy were clearly fascinated with this new information. After some brief browsing and without any prompting, one looked up and exclaimed, "A new revelation!" While a few did express fundamentalist sentiments, the majority of the Christian teachers who took the time to investigate seemed open to the new and enlarged concepts of Deity and Jesus. A number of pastors were given books for their libraries.

Several volunteers were quite helpful in manning the booth and some of them initiated a new study group. Our Korean printer donated a thousand of the brochures which were handed out to all who showed interest. Hopefully those many seeds will fmd fertile ground in the hearts of Korean truth seekers. Over seventy books were purchased or donated to church and school libraries. A delegation from Beijing, which included a university professor, gladly accepted copies for their libraries.

The successful introduction of The Urantia Book into another foreign culture reinforces our belief in the critical importance of translations.