Farewell to Rick Brinkman

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It is with deep regret we announce that on May 21, 2000, Rick Brinkman passed away quietly in his sleep at his home in Florida. Rick, a retired chiropractor and native of New York, had been a dedicated student of

The Urantia Book for several decades. He was loved and respected by those who knew him. Rick was the first President of the Greater New York Urantia Association, first President of the United States Urantia Association, and served as President of the Urantia Association of Florida for four years. His loyalty and belief in the Urantia teachings were evident in his life. He stood by the Foundation during one of its most trying periods and was always willing to give advice and lend a helping hand. We will greatly miss our friend and loyal companion and wish him well in his ongoing adventure. Following are some comments from some of those who knew and loved him:

Such a sudden, unforeseen loss. But so good to know that Dr. Rick slipped peacefully into his new life. May he find the courage, honesty, forthrightness, and integrity on high that he exemplified to us, his IUA colleagues. He called 'em as he saw 'em, and he had the eyes of an eagle. True gentlemen such as Rick have always been rare. God bless you, Rick Brinkman, you have done Urantia proud...

I always felt that Rick was our "honest Nathaniel." He was never false; you always knew where you stood with him. He loved the book more than anyone I've ever known. He knew what integrity was all about, and tried to apply it in his daily life. He was a rational idealist, and believed that this movement could and should rise above other current human institutions. He had high standards. Men (and women) like him are too few. I am heartbroken at his loss, but happy for his new adventure...

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