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50th Anniversary Celebration

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50th Anniversary Celebration

The 50th Anniversary Celebration, March 17 through 19, in Chicago, was the official kickoff of The Matthew Project. This campaign is designed to provide Urantia Foundation resources for the next 50 years to support its worldwide plan for translations, permanent printing funds, worldwide offices, the Foundation representative program, reader services, endowment funds, new product development, and building restoration and maintenance. It was a great success.

A diverse crowd of approximately 120 people attended including translators and representatives from all over the world, past and present Trustees, Forum members, IVA and Fellowship members, and unaffiliated supporters.

Funds raised at the event exceeded expectations. The vacation package auction held Friday evening raised a total of $6,200 and the Translation auction Saturday evening produced a total of $331,785 in pledges and gifts in kind. An additional $1,815 was raised in the form of raffle ticket purchases.

The celebration provided an opportunity both to recognize the accomplishments of the past 50 years and to plan for the next 50 years in the continuing dissemination of the revelation.