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There have been a few staff changes at URANTIA Foundation's Chicago office. In our Reader Services Department, James Woodward has replaced Connie Greene. Connie had been commuting from Wisconsin on a weekly basis for the past two years and decided to stay closer to home so she could spend more time with her family. She has been a great asset to the Foundation. James, a student of the book since 1972, comes to us from California and brings with him extensive experience in writing, editing, and photography.

Kathleen and Trevor Swadling are back in Sydney, Australia. Kathleen had been working in Chicago as the Development Coordinator for the past three years. During the Swadlings' stay in Chicago, Trevor devoted two years of voluntary service to the Foundation. He returned to Australia in April 1999,and Kathleen returned in December 1999. She and Trevor will be managing the Australian URANTIA Foundation office, which provides services throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Lynn Prentice of Missouri has filled the Development Coordinator position and will be handling community relations, development, and event planning. Lynn has a strong background in journalism, communications, and public relations.

Mindy Williams is our new Office Manager. With her husband Allen, she moved from Florida to Chicago last October and started her new assignment at the Foundation. Mindy brings with her valuable paralegal, administrative, and computer systems skills.

Angelle Tolliver, Tonia Baney's personal assistant, has relocated to another state. Her last day in the office was April 15, 2000. Sheila Schneider will now be Tonia's assistant. Sheila's new assignment will put to good use her considerable knowledge of URANTIA Foundation, as she has now been employed at the Foundation for more than twelve years. She will work with Foundation publications and book distribution and assist in the coordination of translations.

Gustavo Proafo, our Foundation Representative from Lima, Peru, has temporarily joined the staff in Chicago to assist in our computer and Internet website department. Gustavo is also contributing as a translator in our growing need to provide our publications and reader services in Spanish for Hispanic readers.

We welcome Mindy, Lynn, James, and Gustavo to our team and look forward to having them on our staff. We are grateful to Connie, Kathleen, and Trevor for their loyal and effective efforts in service to the Foundation. They will be greatly missed.

The Trustees are pleased to have the following staff:

Tonia Baney ~ Executive Director
Mindy Williams ~ Office Manager/Legal
Lynn Prentice ~ Community Relations and Development Coordinator
Marcia Lansu ~ Financial Manager/Certified Public Accountant
Sheila Schneider ~ Assistant to Executive Director/Publishing
Robert Solone ~ Spanish Desk/Copyright and Trademark Permissions
James Woodward ~ Reader Services
Steve Baney ~ Distribution/Book Fairs/Shipping
Jay Peregrine ~ Web Master
Gustavo Proafo ~ Computer Systems/Internet website
Seppo Kanerva ~ International Office
Kathleen Swadling ~ International Office

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