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Five new URANTIA Foundation Representatives have been appointed in the past several months, bringing the total number of Representatives to 19. The new Rep resentatives are: Alberto and Horacio Brupbacher, Uruguay, appointed in September 1999; Ana Beatriz Garcia, Mexico, appointed in February of 2000; Kathy Choi, United States (for the Korean translation), appointed in March 2000; and Mark Bloomfield, Field Representative, appointed in August 1999.

Alberto and Horacio Brupbacher have already established contact with readers and booksellers in Uruguay and are forming a study group.

Ana Beatriz Garcia began working with the Foundation at the Guadalajara Book Fair last December. She become a representative in February 2000 and will be working with the Foundation on book distribution throughout Latin America. Ana has already negotiated contracts with some of Mexico and Argentina's largest distributors, which has resulted in reduced prices for El libro de URANTIA in these countries. In addition, she has arranged for the first distribution of El libro de URANTIA throughout the library system in Cuba.

Kathy Choi has assumed the responsibility of providing service for the Korean-speaking readers in the United States and assisting with distribution and book fairs in Korea.

Mark Bloomfield has been traveling throughout India, placing copies of The URANTIA Book in libraries. He plans to spend most of this year continuing this pursuit. He assisted at the Foundation booth at both the recent New Delhi Book Fairs and plans to do so again in August.

In 1997, the Trustees began appointing URANTIA Foundation Representatives in several countries where the Foundation has not yet established an office. This was done to establish the book in bookstores and libraries and to help the Trustees tobe in touch with readers around the world and to learn from them and work with them on the dissemination of the teachings of the book in their countries.

URANTIA Foundation Representatives must have read the entire book and be willing to serve without pay. They respond to readers' inquiries and they foster study groups. They also attend book fairs and establish ties with the book industry in their countries. They provide a means to inform readers of Foundation policies and programs and, in turn, provide information to the Foundation, which helps us to better serve readers worldwide. The Representatives provide a necessary link in the continuing efforts to internationalize the fifth epochal revelation.

Our current Representatives are:

Mark Bloomfield, Field Representative
Moussa N'Diaye, Senegal
Alberto and Horacio Brupbacher, Uruguay
Carlos Ortega-Santos, Venezuela
Mario Casassus Bulnes, Chile
Ramon J. Ortiz V., Colombia
Luiz C. Dolabella Chagas, Brazil
Gustavo A. Proafo, Peru
Kathy Choi, Korean Translation-U.S.
Carlos Rubinsky, Argentina
Franyois Dupont, Belgium
Gabriel J. Salazar, Mexico
Ana Beatriz Garcia, Mexico
Peep Sober, Estonia
Nigel Hornby, Norway
Alfonso Luque Vasquez, Peru
Algimantas Jokubenas, Lithuania
Nugroho Widi, Indonesia
Vitali Kondratyev, Russia

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