Staff Changes - James Woodward, Lynn Prentice, Mindy Williams

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There have been a few staff changes at Urantia Foundation. In our Reader Services Department, Connie Greene has been replaced by James Woodward. Connie has been commuting from Wisconsin on a weekly basis for the past two years and has decided to stay closer to home so she can spend more time with her family. She has been a great asset to the Foundation. James comes to us from California and brings with him extensive experience in writing and public relations, as well as being a devoted, long-time student of The Urantia Book.

Kathleen Swadling from Sydney, Australia, has been working for the Foundation as the Development Coordinator for the past three years. She has returned to Australia to join her husband Trevor in further developing the Austrialian Foundation office and other Urantia Book-related activities throughout the Asia Pacific region. During Kathleen's stay Trevor devoted two years of full-time voluntary service to Urantia Foundation, but he returned to Australia last April to attend to the office there. Kathleen has been replaced by Lynn Prentice of Missouri. Lynn will be handling public relations, development and event planning. She is also a long-time reader of The Urantia Book and brings with her extensive experience in communications and public relations.

Mindy Williams has replaced Jay Peregrine as our new office Manager. Jay is now working for the Foundation on a contract basis as the Web Master. Mindy has moved, with her husband Allen, from Florida to Chicago to take on her new position. She is another long-time reader of The Urantia Book and brings with her extensive experience in administration and computer systems.

We welcome James, Lynn, and Mindy to the team and look forward to a fruitful working relationship. We are grateful to Connie, Kathleen, and Trevor for their dedication and tireless efforts in helping the Foundation through a challenging time of creating new strategies and growing in new directions. They all brought strength and talent to our work and will be greatly missed. We wish them well in their ongoing work for the revelation, and we will continue to call on them for their experience and expertise in the future.

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