The Parliament of the World's Religions

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Gard Jameson

Trustee Gard Jameson, Travis Binion, Moussa Ndiaye and Doudou from Senegal, and Michael Macisaac, along with other readers and some members of the Fellowship, attended the Parliament of the World's Religions in Capetown, South Africa, to display The Urantia Book. Following are some excerpts from a report by Gard Jameson:

My experience in Cape Town, and in other interfaith venues, convinces me that The Urantia Book is to serve as a leaven to the great traditions of the world; and, so it is serving. As we are witnessing firsthand at events such as this, the power of its vision is so much greater as a leaven than as another religion among the family of religions. As a Methodist, I am able to share the great truths of the book so much more effectively by referring to its expression of spiritual value and not to any religious institution. As a Muslim, my brother, Moussa, from Senegal is able to share the great truths of the book so much more effectively, for Moussa as for myself. The Urantia Book serves to enhance our experience within our chosen religious institution. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Indigenous Traditions, and many others here have been drawn to The Urantia Book by understanding and appreciating that leavening vision.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the Parliament for me has not been so much the programs, nor the symposia, nor the plenary presentations, nor even the presence of Nelson Mandela—all wonderful—but the deep connection that I now have with two dear brothers from Senegal, Moussa and Doudou. We in America have much to learn from the deep wisdom of brothers such as Moussa and Doudou. Their gracious manner and their genuine excitement for The Urantia Book was an inspiration to all of us in attendance. As the Master informs us, and as we know from our own experience, there is no greater joy in the universe than to get to know such brothers and sisters. What a joy and inspiration South Africa has been!

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