New Urantia Association in South America

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The following report was written by IUA Administrator, Cathy Jones, after the inauguration of a new Local Association of the IUA in South America:

Dear Friends,

On November 14, in Santiago, Chile, the Asociación Urantia del Cono Sur was born. In English that is Urantia Association of the Southern Cone (S.A.) This group currently is composed of members from Chile and Argentina, but with the name "Southern Cone," it could expand to the adjoining South American countries.

It was early Spring in Chile and the nearby Catholic Retreat Center, with its profusion of roses and early-blooming flowers, made a perfect setting for readers from Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Finland, and the USA. We spent two days of study and fellowship. Language is never a barrier when spirits meet one on one. There are many new, enthusiastic Urantia Book readers who are eagerly embracing its enlightened, revealed message. [The total membership is 31. Eleven are full voting members—20 are in the process of completing the entire book.] All understand the mission of the IUA—that of service and the disseminating of the teachings of The Urantia Book. They consider it a privilege to work as partners with Urantia Foundation through a licensing agreement. The officers are:

  • President: Mario Casassus Bulnes (Chile )
  • Vice President: Carlos Rubinsky (Argentina )
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Nadine Loubet (Chile )

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