New Foundation Representatives Appointed

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Urantia Foundation now has 18 representatives including a "roving" representative, and representatives in Argentina, Uruguay, Russia, and Senegal.

These devoted, dedicated, and service oriented readers have accepted the invitation to represent U rantia Foundation in their countries and to assist the Foundation in establishing a focal point for reader inquiries and book trade business on their home turf. The current representatives are as follows:

  • Mark Bloomfield (our "roving" representative);
  • Alberto and Horacio Brupbacher in Uruguay;
  • Mario Casassus Bulnes in Chile;
  • Luiz Dolabella in Brazil;
  • Franyois Dupont in Belgium;
  • Nigel Hornby in Norway;
  • Algimantas Jokubenas in Lithuania;
  • Vitali Kondratjev, in St. Petersburg, Russia;
  • Moussa Ndiaye in Senegal;
  • Carlos Ortega in Venezuela;
  • Ramon Ortiz in Colombia;
  • Gustavo Proafio in Lima, Peru;
  • Carlos Rubinsky in Argentina;
  • Gabriel Salazar and Ana Beatriz Garcia in Mexico;
  • Peep Sõber in Estonia;
  • Alfonso Luque in Arequipa, Peru;
  • Nugroho Widi in Indonesia.

The Representative in St. Petersburg has become a manager of the Urantia Foundation office there, and managers in Santiago de Chile and Dakar, Senegal, are soon to become managers of Urantia Foundation offices in their respective countries.

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