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유란시아 책The long and painstaking effort of translating The Urantia Book into the Korean language reached its fruition last December when the translators could finally hold in their hands fresh-from-the-printing press copies of the Korean book. It is bound in a hard cover in the same size and cover design as the latest English and Spanish books. Trustee Kwan Choi oversaw the printing in South Korea. We consider this first non-European language translation to be a significant milestone in the history of the revelation.

The Korean translation effort was initiated in 1993, thus taking six years to complete. In most cases it takes six years of dedicated work to translate The Urantia Book into any language. Some of the published translations have taken considerably longer.

An agreement has been made with a Korean distributor who will be distributing the new book to bookstores and libraries throughout the country. We have also arranged for a distributor to make the book available in the U.S. Korean market. We pray that the revelation will find hungry souls among the Korean people, and that our Asian brothers and sisters will have the opportunity to experience, first hand, its supernal teachings.

We thank all of the translators for their tireless efforts in helping to make the dissemination of The Urantia Book possible to a worldwide community.

The Korean language is spoken by some 76 million people: 45 million in the Republic of Korea, 24 million in the People's Republic of Korea, and the remainder in pockets of Japan and China. Moreover, there are over one million Korean-speaking persons in the United States and Canada. It is interesting to note that scholars have been unable to determine what relationship the Korean language has to other languages.

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