Court of Appeals Affirms Copyright

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The United States Court of Appeals has issued its decision in the case of Maaherra v. Urantia Foundation, once again affirming the validity of Urantia Foundation's copyright in The Urantia Book. In 1997 the Court of Appeals held Urantia Foundation had a valid and enforceable copyright in The Urantia Book that was infringed by Maaherra's electronic version of The Urantia Book. The case was then returned to the Federal District Court which entered judgment in favor of Urantia Foundation. Maaherra appealed that judgment. In its latest decision, the appellate court held the district court correctly entered judgment in favor of Urantia Foundation based upon the earlier appellate opinion. Given the fact Urantia Foundation elected not to seek injunctive relief or monetary damages against Maaherra, there was nothing more for the Court to consider.

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