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Some events have been brewing over the past year and have finally culminated in an action taken by a fellow reader of The URANTIA Book. This individual has printed all but the first paper of Part IV of The URANTIA Book. It is entitled Jesus—A New Revelation and has a picture of Christ of St. John of the Cross, by Salvador Dali, on the front cover.

We dedicate this special issue of URANTIAN News to retelling the history of URANTIA Foundation, to explaining its function, to apprising you of recent events, and to explaining the Foundation's position on these events.

The primary goal of URANTIA Foundation has always been to protect the integrity of the inviolate text of The URANTIA Book and to see that it is delivered to the world and to future generations, in its entirety, as it was delivered to us.

In addition to making the book widely available, the Foundation in recent years has granted rather generous permission to individuals to use the text as part of their dissemination efforts and to use the registered marks for religious and personal use. A copy of the new Copyright and Registered Marks Policies may be obtained from URANTIA Foundation or may be viewed on our website at: www.urantia.org

If you have questions or desire more information, please contact us.

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